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Hamilton Food Share provides 4.4 million pounds of fresh and non-perishable food to food banks and meal programs.

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Donations of food and funds are needed to help feed more than 13,000 local people each month.

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Hamilton Food Share supports 23 local hunger relief programs, available to anyone needing emergency food support.

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Hamilton Food Share

Just $20 will provide $100 worth of healthy food.

Your generous gift will ensure that children, families, seniors, and other neighbours facing hunger have nutritious food on their table this Thanksgiving—and over the long, difficult months to come.

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Who needs help

The 2023 Hamilton Hunger Report

Over the past year, there has been an alarming surge in the number of people relying on the emergency food sector to meet their basic needs across Canada. In Hamilton, the increase in the number of visits being made to hunger-relief programs is cause for great alarm. The ability to absorb the increased need in our community is pushing our system beyond its capacity.

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Hamilton Food Share 2023 Hunger Count
Hamilton Food Share Annual report cover

How we've helped

The 2021-22 Hamilton Food Share Annual Impact Report

Our Annual Report, is an overview of Hamilton Food Share's operations over the last fiscal year including our food acquisition & distribution program, the financial support received and the many local and regional organizations that make up our emergency food network. To request an audited statement please contact our administrative department via

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On a typical day in Hamilton


Children will visit an emergency food centre.


Households will be at high risk of homelessness.


Seniors will seek food support at a food bank.

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A $1 Donation Provides $5 Worth of Food

Be confident knowing that your gift is feeding our Hamilton community!

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Latest Media Stories

We are grateful for the help of our local media who help in the fight against hunger.

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